2 King Arthur Court, Suite B   788 Shrewsbury Avenue, Bldg. 2, Suite 203
North Brunswick, NJ 08902   Tinton Falls, NJ 07724
Tel: 732-937-5437   Tel: 732-345-0500
Fax: 732-937-5540   Fax: 732-345-0505
Early Intervention: 888-653-4463    
Monday - Friday 8:00am - 4:30pm   Monday - Friday 8:00am - 4:30pm
Directions   Directions

CJFHC Directors

Robyn D'Oria Chief Executive Officer
Open Posiition Chief Operations Officer
Jocelyn Claudio Director of Human Resources
Tom Eagan Director of Finance
Cynthia Newman Director of Regional Early Intervention Collaborative
Diana Robinson Director of Compliance and Programs
Ellen Shuzman Director of Education and Professional Development
Laura Taylor Director of Early Childhood and Health Initiatiaves

Hackensack Office Staff

Grow NJ Kids Technical Assistance Center - North

Lisa Bresson Technical Assistance Supervisor
Nagwa Elsamra Technical Assistance Specialist
Lori Richwood Technical Assistance Specialist
Alexandra Saharig Technical Assistance Specialist
Maribel Tapia Technical Assistance Specialist
Chanel Wilson Technical Assistance Specialist
Gabriela Paz Administrative Assistant


Morristown Office Staff

Grow NJ Kids Technical Assistance Center - North

Eve Robinson Program Supervisor
Holly Kashinsky Technical Assistance Supervisor
Melissa Rivera-Serna Technical Assistance Supervisor
Stephanie Boysen Technical Assistance Specialist
Rachelle De Los Reyes Technical Assistance Specialist
Darline Dowdy Technical Assistance Specialist
Grace Gaillardin-Jouan Technical Assistance Specialist
Telma Meyer Technical Assistance Specialist
Jaymi Pfeil Technical Assistance Specialist
Shirley Sanchez Technical Assistance Specialist
Christie Smith Technical Assistance Specialist
Danielle Sutton Technical Assistance Specialist
Nicole Waters Technical Assistance Specialist
Daisy Linares Administrative Assistant/Office Manager

Tinton Falls Office Staff

 Administrative Staff

Diana Robinson Director of Compliance and Programs

Central Intake

Yleana De Los Angeles Central Intake Program Assistant
Ariceli Grande Central Intake Program Assistant

Fetal Infant Mortality Review

Sheryl Dwyer

Fetal Infant Mortality Review Coordinator

NJIIS Recruitment and Training

Patricia Kaiser NJIIS Program Coordinator/NJIIS Recruiter and Trainer
Claudia Arredondo NJIIS Acting Outreach and Education Coordinator
Magdelena Kwasnik NJIIS Interface Data Quality Analyst

Teen Health Initiatives

Amy Smuro Manager, Teen Health Initiatives
Karen Grisales TOP® Facilitator
Jocelyn Rodriguez TOP® Facilitator

Perinatal Addictions

Deena Cohen Perinatal Risk Reduction Specialist

Perinatal Mood Disorder Initiative    

Mariella Flores  PPD Support Worker

North Brunswick Staff

Administrative Staff

Robyn D’Oria Chief Executive Officer
Open Position Chief Operations Officer
Thomas Eagan Director of Finance
Cynthia Newman Director of Regional Early Intervention Collaborative
Ellen Shuzman Director of Education and Professional Development
Jocelyn Claudio Director of Human Resources
Laura Taylor Director of Early Childhood and Health Initiatives
Cheryl McFarland Director of Data and Evaluation
Melissa Garcia Data Analyst
Peter Balog Finance Assistant
Frances Lo Raso Assistant to the CEO/Office Manager
Gerard San Antonio Administrative Assistant/Human Resources
Sondra Levine Administrative Assistant
Larry Lyons Marketing and Communications Strategist

Central Intake

Leanne Lowenthal Program Coordinator
Isabel Colon Central Intake Program Assistant
Ana Pena Central Intake Program Assistant
Flor Sanchez Central Intake Program Assistant, Hunterdon County

Education and Professional Development

Allison Goldschlag Zika Health Educator
Ann Mruk Nurse Consultant
Ellen Shuzman Director of Education and Professional Development

Healthy Baby Begins with You Initiatives

Betsy Coffin Program Coordinator
Ariana Nunez Program Assistant

Healthy Families

Marisol Carmona Family Support Worker
Lynda Cuevas Family Support Worker
Madeline Mejias Family Support Worker
Josephine Newman Family Support Worker
Indhira Pena Family Support Worker
Sylvia Velez Family Support Worker
Myrna Torres Program Supervisor

Improving Pregnancy Outcomes

Leanna Cotton Community Health Worker
Zuleyka Lugardo Community Health Worker
Alyssa McFarland Community Health Worker
Brenda Tombs Community Health Worker
Laura Taylor Director of Early Childhood and Health Initiatives


Claudia Arredondo Outreach and Education Coordinator

NJIIS Quality Assurance

Eltonette Byrd Quality Assurance Specialist
Melanie Griffen Quality Assurance Specialist
Yolanda Loney Quality Assurance Specialist
Tracy Scott Quality Assurance Specialist

Perinatal Addictions

Roseann Cervelli Perinatal Risk Reduction Specialist
Debbie Riscica Perinatal Risk Reduction Coordinator

Perinatal Mood Disorder Initiative

Charlotte Feeney Program Coordinator
Ellen Strong PPD Nurse Consultant
Pat Vena PPD Social Worker

Teen Health Initiatives

Lismarie Acevedo TOP® Facilitator
Porsha Moody TOP® Facilitator

Regional Early Intervention Collaborative (REIC)

Raichelle Arthur REIC Administrative Assistant
Jennifer Blanchette McConnell Technical Assistant and Training Coordinator  
Kristal Langford Family Support Coordinator (Mid-Jersey CARES-REIC)
Shakira Linzey Family Support Manager  
Cynthia Newman Director, Regional Early Intervention Collaborative  


Diane Bettinger Data Clerk  
Anuja Parekh Data Specialist
Barbara Tabori Data Specialist  
Andrew Wintringham Data Manager
Kwang-Hui Yearwood Data Specialist  

EI Mercer Service Coordination

Lauren Campbell Service Coordinate  
Stacey Goldberg Manager  
Ashley Gonzalez Service Coordinator
Judy Levitt-Yates Service Coordinator  
Jessica Mauk Service Coordinator
Christina Myland Service Coordinator
Ingrid Vasquez Service Coordinator

REIC Referral Unit

Zully Almonte SPOE Service Coordinator
Karen Armas Landau SPOE Service Coordinator Associate
Jasmin Blum SPOE Administrative Assistant
Kristina Durante SPOE Manager
Janessa Gray SPOE Service Coordinator  
Daniel Heitner SPOE Service Coordinator
Elise Horowitz-Case SPOE Service Coordinator Associate  
Zuleyka Lugardo SPOE Administrattive Assistant  
Amanda Persuad SPOE Service Coordinator Associate
Athanes Phanord SPOE Service Coordinator
Amanda Plata SPOE Administrative Assistant
Martha Sanchez SPOE Service Coordinator Associate
Barbara Smith SPOE Service Coordinator  

Safe Kids New Jersey- Founded by Johnson & Johnson

Carol Ann Giardelli Director

Parents as Teachers (PAT)

Maria Monteagudo Parent Educator
Claritza Pena Parent Educator
Connie Santos Parent Educator

Strong Start

Celeste Andriot Wood Project Director
Andrea Loftus Outreach and Education Coordinator