CJFHC's Hurricane Relief Efforts and Community Resources

I would like to take this opportunity to update you on our efforts to assist those in need after the catastrophic events resulting from Hurricane Sandy. First, I hope this email finds you well and you and your family well, safe, warm and dry. CJFHC is working hard to ease the pain of our community who have experienced or continue to have hardships.

Below you will find some of our initial efforts in reaching out to families we serve to ease their distress during this difficult time. We realize that the effects of Hurricane Sandy are unprecedented and we will continue to work with the community so that everyone can once again be whole and their families safe.

Safe Kids New Jersey

Safe Kids New Jersey/CJFHC will be donating 20 Pack and Plays, 20 handmade blankets and 20 car seats to identified families in need in Monmouth County. Safe Kids Worldwide has also offered their assistance and will coordinate direct assistance with the Monmouth County Safe Kids. A delivery is scheduled to Monmouth Medical Center's loading dock for distribution through the Long Branch OEM.

Patient Navigator Outreach

Patient Navigators are conducting outreach to the various shelters and agencies within Ocean and Monmouth counties. Staff are working to assess MCH needs and identify items that families with your children may need. As of yesterday, Monmouth University's Multi-Purpose Activity Center located on campus was being used as a shelter, but does not need pack n' plays. They housed over 1,000 people and now only have 100 left. Staff are scheduled to visit other sites in the next few days.

CJFHC Support Fund

Organized a fund to support our staff and families that have experienced a hardship. We have 2 staff members displaced, a dozen still without power and families enrolled in our home visiting services that have been displaced as well. This is something we decided to do internally and have not reached out for other support. 100% of the donations received will go directly to families in need as soon as possible.

In addition, we reached out to the National Fetal Infant Mortality Review program and have spoke with colleagues who dealt with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. They have been very helpful with identifying where we may be able to get additional resources for families. Please be sure to contact us if you could benefit from the programs CJFHC offers or the supplies we have available to us. Below are resource links for anyone who needs them.

Our thoughts and concerns are with those who have been victims of this terrible event. We wish for a quick recovery and return to normalcy for those affected. Do not hesitate to reach out to us should you have any questions or needs. We will work together to ensure a return to life as we knew it.


Robyn D'Oria and the Staff of CJFHC


NJ Hurricane Sandy Relief Information http://www.state.nj.us/nj/home/features/spotlight/hurricane_sandy.shtml

NJ Parent Link pages with Hurricane Resources

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Examples of Resources:
New Jersey Hurricane Resources
New Jersey Office of Emergency Management
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Coping With a Disaster or Traumatic Event: Information for Parents and Families

Early Intervention
Any concerns regarding early intervention and the provision of services please contact Cynthia Newman, Director of Mid-Jersey CARES, Regional Early Intervention Collaborative, directly. Provisions have been made in regard to family disposition, service deadlines, etc.

Children and Disasters (American Academy of Pediatrics)


Infant Nutrition