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AWHONN Advanced FHM Course - July 11, 2019


The Advanced FHM Course is a one-day workshop focusing on the application of advanced fetal heart monitoring knowledge and skills in intrapartum nursing practice. The content presented in the workshop builds upon the essential knowledge and skills gained through the Intermediate Course.

This course uses a case study approach focusing on analysis of complicated FHM characteristics/patterns and related case information, and emphasizes:

  • Underlying maternal-fetal physiology
  • Instrumentation
  • Interpretation
  • Intervention
  • Verbal and written communication skills

Expected Level of the Learner

It is expected that the participant already have basic knowledge and skills in the following areas:

  • Maternal physiologic changes of pregnancy
  • Fetal growth and development
  • Methods of fetal monitoring
  • Preparation of patient for set-up and initiation of external or internal fetal monitoring components
  • Obtaining and maintaining tracings that document fetal heart rate and uterine contractions
  • Interpretation of uterine contraction frequency, duration, and baseline resting tone
  • Identification of the baseline fetal heart rate, variability and deviations
  • Indicated clinical interventions
  • Communication and documentation strategies
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AWHONN Intermediate Instructor Course - Augut 12, 2019

Intermediate Instructor Course is a one‐day classroom train‐the trainer program that expands upon the principles of adult learning, teaching strategies specific to the Intermediate Fetal Monitoring Course, and information about the administrative and operational aspects of the course. Included within the program are opportunities to present sections of the Intermediate Fetal Monitoring Course as a micro‐teach exercise and scenarios of difficult educational situations that may occur when teaching the course.
Paid Event | Seats Remaining : Unlimited |