Cheryl A. S. McFarland serves as the Director of Data and Evaluation for the Central Jersey Family Health
Consortium. Dr. McFarland directs an array of evaluation projects including providing 14 member
hospitals with analysis of continuous quality improvement measures, evaluating the effectiveness of
community-based programs provided by CJFHC and other not-for-profit partners, managing data and
evaluation staff, and managing population data including birth certificates and Medicaid data. She is also
highly involved in the local community working with multiple partners on programming to address racial
disparities maternal and child in the Central Region of New Jersey. Dr. McFarland has published papers
investigating the relationship between racial segregation and infant outcomes, an investigation of the
role of racial differences of interpersonal forgiveness on health, and several articles related to policing
as a social determinant of health. Most recently, Dr. McFarland is looking at the impacts of COVID-19 on
maternal and child health. She has 15 years of experience working with non-profit organizations, as well
as state and local governments, to design and implement methodologically sound program evaluation
projects and conduct community-based participatory research, and research using both quantitative and
qualitative methods.