Community Programs and Services

The CJFHC Planning Committee provides oversight for the development of services and programs that are tailored to the individual needs of the localities, communities, and neighborhoods of the central region. Service needs are identified through a variety of data sources, including hospital, agency, state, and national databases; as well as the experiences, feedback, and recommendations from community members, coalition members, outreach staff, and other stakeholders. Based on an extensive review of this information, the CJFHC Planning Committee recommends programs and strategies that combine evidence-based methods with the expertise of community members. Such strategies might include implementing new progams or expanding existing programs to target groups such as community members, health care professionals, and agency staff.

“There is no foot too small that it cannot leave an imprint on this world.”  Author Unknown

If you are grieving parent or family member, please accept our sincere sympathy.  The death of a child, whether during pregnancy or infancy can be very difficult and women and families may experience different feelings and emotions over time.  Many families do not know where to turn for resources to help them navigate the grief process.  Central Jersey Family Health Consortium has created a list of resources for our community to assist families in finding support.  Often, in the time after a loss, questions may arise in the weeks or months to come. CJFHC has a nurse on staff that is available to provide information and support specific to your concerns.  We would like to invite you to participate in the Fetal Infant Mortality Review (FIMR), a program of the Consortium funded by the NJ Department of Health.

What is Fetal Infant Mortality Review (FIMR)?
FIMR is a program developed by national experts who were concerned about the problems of fetal deaths (stillbirths) and infant deaths (babies up to their 1st birthday). The FIMR program hopes to:

  • Describe the problems or issues that may be related to those deaths in your area; and
  • Work with our community to make changes that will improve the health of infants and children.

How do you participate?
We want to hear your voice, thoughts and reflections. What you have to say is very important to us and CJFHC can accommodate you by:

  • A nurse or social worker meeting you at your home or location of your choice;
  • You can call CJFHC and speak to one of our nurses and complete a questionnaire; or
  • Complete questionnaire and mail it to our office. 

Who can participate?
Parents who have experienced the death of their baby (from 20 weeks in pregnancy to 1 year of age), in the past year and a half can participate. Resources and information are available to all families who have experienced the death of their baby.

What do we do with the information?
The information we gather is so important to understanding the lives of woman and families who experience the death of their baby and how they can be assisted.  By talking with each family in our region, we learn from their experiences so that we can help other families and promote needed changes in care and services in our region. 

We understand this can be a sensitive subject. Be assured that our nurses and social workers are trained in providing care and have extensive experience working with bereaved families and can assist in providing resources/referrals to support programs in our area.  Women who have participated in this program have told us that they found it helpful to share their story and hope that the information will help other families in the future.

Is this process confidential?
The information you provide with be kept confidential.  Your name, the hospital name, and the name of those who provided you and your baby care will not be shared.  The information you provide will be reviewed by a Regional Health Care Team, but your identity will be kept confidential.

We hope you decide to participate in this valuable program.  To receive more information or request a meeting with one of our professional staff, please email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 732-345-0500 Ext. 128.

The Mid-Jersey CARES (Collaboration, Advocacy,Resources, Education and Services) for Special Children Collaborative is a Regional Early Intervention Collaborative (REIC) whose goal is to help strengthen and improve early intervention services for children with special needs, ages birth to 3, and their families.

Click here to learn more. For information about resources and services for your child under age 3, call statewide, toll-free 888-653-4463.

Family Connection Central Intake provides women and families in Middlesex, Monmouth, Ocean, and Somerset Counties with information and referral to a variety of resources within their communities. The program assists women in accessing the most appropriate services for their needs. Family Connections Central Intake will help you find resources and services in your area such as transportation, housing, health insurance, child care, early childhood services,smoking and addition services, parenting education and support, WIC and nutrition and developmental health. These services are provided to address individual needs and promote healthy lifestyles.  

Family Connection also provides pregnant women and parents with early linkages to evidence-based home visitation services and other community-based programs. The Connection works to improve coordination among home visitation providers, develop uniform client data collection and analysis, and provide linkages to other supportive services in the region.

Other Home Visitation programs include:

• Healthy Families—Perth Amboy
• Healthy Families—TANF Initiative for Parents (TIP) Program
• Nurse Family Partnership
• Parent—Child Home Program

For more information contact Family Connections Central Intake toll free at 1-888-551-6217.

Calling all parents with children between the ages of 2 months- 5 years.

You are invited to complete the ASQ-3, a developmental screening tool that gives parents a quick look at how children are doing in important areas, such as communication, physical ability, social skills, and problem-solving skills. ASQ-3 can help identify children’s strengths as well as any areas where a child may need support.

As a parent or caregiver, you are the best source of information about your child. That’s why ASQ-3 questionnaires are designed to be filled out by you. You will only need 10–15 minutes. It’s quick and easy.

Once you complete the ASQ-3, a specialist from our Family Connections: Central Intake team will call you back to go over the results with you. All children develop at different rates.

• If your child is developing without concerns, there won’t be specific follow-up steps—just keep playing and interacting with your child as they grow and reach new milestones.

• Whether or not there are concerns, CJFHC will also give you some fun and easy learning developmental activities to try with your child.

• If your child has trouble with some skills, Family Connections: Central Intake will help you with next steps, including a possible referral for more assessment.

Please click on the link below for your county.

Hunterdon ASQ English-
Hunterdon ASQ Spanish-

Mercer ASQ English-
Mercer ASQ Spanish-

Middlesex ASQ English-
Middlesex ASQ Spanish-

Somerset ASQ English-
Somerset ASQ Spanish-

For more information, please contact Allison at 732-937-5437 x178

Grow NJ Kids is the Quality Rating Improvement System for licensed early childhood programs in the state of New Jersey, part of the federal Race to the Top grant awarded to New Jersey in 2013.  The goal is to create a rating system for centers and home based care that will assist families in understanding and seeking the best program for their infant, toddler and preschool age children.  Grow NJ Kids has funded three Regional Technical Assistance Centers to provide coaching, mentoring and development for centers in order to reach a quality rating.  This involves offering professional development to staff as well as curriculum support.  CJFHC is funded to provide this Technical Assistance in seven northern counties:  Bergen, Hunterdon, Morris, Passaic, Sussex, Union and Warren.

The Healthy Women, Healthy Families (HWHF) Program is for childbearing pregnant and non-pregnant women and their families from all races and backgrounds to improve their quality of life.  Participants of the program will received personalized support from a Community Health Worker and/or group support from programs specific to reducing infant death in cities with high rates of black infant mortality. 

Central Intake:

  • Simplifies and streamlines the referral process
  • Helps identify individual and family needs
  • Provides linkages to appropriate services and programs

Community Health Workers

  • Trusted members of the community
  • Assists with enrollment into health-related and non health-related services and programs
  • Provides continuous communication by person, phone, text and social media

Click Here for Program Flyer.

As part of the statewide Perinatal Addictions Prevention Project, education is provided for professionals and consumers regarding substance use before, during, and after pregnancy.

Education focuses on prevention and risk reduction to improve the health of women and children and their families. An Advisory Committee has also been established to address and coordinate Perinatal Addictions services, and provide education throughout the central region of New Jersey. This committee is comprised of professionals from treatment settings, prenatal care facilities, DYFS, Drug Court, and other community services.

In addition, a Coalition for Opioid Dependence and Pregnancy has been established to bridge gaps in services for pregnant women suffering with opioid addiction, to provide networking opportunities and current information regarding services and scientific findings. The Perinatal Addiction Prevention Project (PAPP) has also established a 6 week smoking cessation curriculum for women in their child bearing years. The content is supportive and didactic. In conjunction with the consumer groups, Nicotine Replacement Therapies (NRTs) will be prescribed as needed by qualified health care professionals. PAPP also promotes the use of a prenatal screening tool, called 4Ps Plus, for alcohol, tobacco, other drugs and domestic violence. The tool also offers appropriate intervention to address these maternal and fetal risk factors.


Smoking Affects Your Baby

El Fumar Afecta a su Bebe

Understanding Methadone and Pregnancy for Family and Friends

Entendiendo la Metadona y el Embarazo para la Familia y Amigos

Postpartum Depression (PPD) and other Perinatal Mood Disorders (PMD) are illnesses that can affect women and their families during pregnancy and after delivery. In New Jersey, 1 in 8 women are at risk for developing PPD. Because of the significance of this disorder, state law requires that women be educated about PMD during pregnancy, and screened for PPD before discharge from the hospital and during postpartum visits.

Through funding from the Department of Health, Central Jersey Family Health Consortium (CJFHC) offers The Perinatal Mood Disorder Phone Follow-up Program. This program assists women identified to be at risk, linking them to local and state resources, such as support groups and mental health counseling services. A bilingual staff member is available for Spanish-speaking women. CJFHC phone follow up services are not of a clinical nature and no direct mental health counseling is provided. The goals of the program are to expand community resources for mothers at risk and to support hospitals and other health care providers' efforts in providing information to women and their families concerning available support and treatment resources.


Postpartum Depression: After a Loss

Depresion Posparto: Despues de una Perdida

Emotional Health Resources: A Guide to Providers in Central New Jersey

CJFHC New Mother Support Group REV 8-20-15.pdf

Grupos de Apoyo en Espanol para Nuevas Madres en Central New Jersey

Safe Kids New Jersey, led by CJFHC and founded by Johnson & Johnson, is one of more than 600 grassroots coalitions in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico that bring together health and safety experts, educators, corporations, foundations, governments and volunteers to educate and protect families. For more information visit:

Wyman’s evidenced based Teen Outreach Program® (TOP®) is a positive youth development program designed to help teens build educational success, life and leadership skills, and healthy behaviors and relationships.


  • Teens build and hone social and emotional skills, like managing emotions, problem-solving, decision-making and empathy, that are proven to help them be successful during the teenage years, and also later in life.
  • Teens improve academic performance, and lower risky behaviors like truancy and suspension that lead to dropout.

Rigorous research, using randomized control and quasi-experimental methods, shows TOP works-resulting in lower likelihood of pregnancy, risky sexual behavior, course failure, school suspension and skipping school (Allen and Philliber, 1997; 2001; McBride et al., 2014; Walsh-Buhi et al., 2016). TOP has been profiled as 'an exemplary social and emotional learning program for teens" by the Social and Emotional Learning Challenge, a partnership with the Susan Crown Exchange and the David P. Weikart Center for Youth Program Quality. Please visit for the most updated version of TOP's evidence based listings.

As a Certified National Replication Partner, CJFHC trains Facilitators in TOP's Positive Youth Development approach. The core components of this approach include Weekly Peer Group Meetings, the TOP Curriculum, meaningful Community Service Learning and High Quality Facilitation. The TOP Curriculum is medically accurate, inclusive, trauma informed, culturally appropriate and developmentally appropriate for teens aged 12-19. The curriculum focuses on 3 core content areas that work together as protective factors, reducing the impact of risk and promoting positive youth development: Skill-building, developing a sense of self and making connections.

CJFHC partners with School Based Youth Services, Community Based Organizations, Hospitals and School Districts to implement TOP Clubs throughout the State of NJ. Check out what TOP has to offer at .

CJFHC is highlighted in a case study about sustainability by the Office of Adolescent Health. Click here for article.

If you are interested in implementing TOP contact Amy Smuro, Program Manager at 732-345-0500, Ext. 115 or click This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to email.

The CJFHC Provider and Personal Concierge programs are designed to guide healthcare providers and their prenatal and postpartum patients with Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) through their healthcare journey.

The CJFHC Provider Concierge is a complimentary, personalized online learning management system (LMS).

This interactive resource is designed to educate healthcare providers using helpful information to help advise their prenatal and postpartum patients with OUD, as well as their families and caregivers, on the best plan of care and available resources.

The following content is available through the LMS:
• Medication Management
• Patient Care Plan Checklist
• Patient-directed Content

Healthcare providers can simply text MOMCARE to 52046 to enroll in the program!

The Personal Concierge provides in-the-moment support and resources via text message to prenatal and postpartum women with OUD.

Enrollment is easy! Women complete a simple online form and immediately start receiving helpful text messages delivered in easy to understand “snackable bites.”

The text messages sent to patients start as early as 6 weeks prenatal and continue through 15 months postpartum, and aligns with where the patient is on her motherhood journey.

Messages cover topics like:
• Medication Management
• Local Resources and Support Groups
• Lifestyle Support
• Healthy Eating and Medicaid/WIC Programs
• Routine Check-up Reminders
• Patient Initiated Content Triggered by Keyword Entry
Ex: peer stories, messages of faith, support and humor

Prenatal and postpartum patients with OUD can simply text STORK to 52046 to enroll in the progra