Mercer Service Coordination Unit

Mercer Service Coordination Ensures that children and their families eligible under Part C obtain the
supports and services they need, as authorized under the NJ Department of Health Early Intervention
Program.  Service Coordinators assist in the provision and coordination of services for children with
special needs (birth to 3 years); coordinates a comprehensive Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP) to
address the child/family’s needs, if child eligible; Provides information about resources available in the
community to support the child and family. Service Coordinators ensure that services provided to
children are high quality and are given in natural environments, where children and family members
live, work and play. Service Coordination ensures that each family plays a major role in how early
intervention services are planned, put into action and evaluated. Service Coordination is knowledgeable
about all phases of transition and facilitate the development of a Transition Plan to preschool or
alternative services. Each family has its own Service Coordinator who will have ongoing contact with
them. The relationship your family has with your Service Coordinator is critical. Your partnership is a key
component in a successful, family-centered experience.

If you suspect that an infant or toddler may be experiencing a developmental delay(s) or may have a
disability, seek help early. A referral can be made by calling the Regional System Point of Entry toll free
number at 1-888-653-4463

Further information can be found on the NJ Department of Health Website.