Opioid Use Disorder Prevention Program

Opioid Use Provider and Personal Concierge programs are designed to guide healthcare providers and their prenatal and postpartum patients with Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) through their healthcare journey.

The CJFHC Provider Concierge is a complimentary, personalized online learning management system (LMS).

This interactive resource is designed to educate healthcare providers using helpful information to help advise their prenatal and postpartum patients with OUD, as well as their families and caregivers, on the best plan of care and available resources.

Learning Management System

The following content is available through the LMS:
• Medication Management
• Patient Care Plan Checklist
• Patient-directed Content

 Opioid Use Disorder: Healthcare providers and Patient Enrollment

Healthcare providers can simply text MOMCARE to 52046 to enroll in the program!

The Personal Concierge provides in-the-moment support and resources via text message to prenatal and postpartum women with OUD.

Enrollment is easy! Women complete a simple online form and immediately start receiving helpful text messages delivered in easy to understand “snackable bites.”

Prenatal and Postnatal Support

The text messages sent to patients start as early as 6 weeks prenatal and continue through 15 months postpartum, and aligns with where the patient is on her motherhood journey.

Messages cover topics like:
• Medication Management
• Local Resources and Support Groups
• Lifestyle Support
• Healthy Eating and Medicaid/WIC Programs
• Routine Check-up Reminders
• Patient Initiated Content Triggered by Keyword Entry
Ex: peer stories, messages of faith, support and humor

Prenatal and postpartum patients with OUD can simply text STORK to 52046 to enroll in the program.