Postpartum Depression (PPD) and other Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMAD) affect
birthing people and their families during pregnancy and after delivery. One in 7 birthing people and 1 in 10
fathers/partners are at risk for developing a PMAD. Because of the significance of these disorders
and their effects on families, New Jersey law requires education about PMAD during pregnancy as
well as screening for PPD before discharge from the hospital and during postpartum visits.

Through funding from the Department of Health, Central Jersey Family Health Consortium (CJFHC)
offers The Perinatal Mood Disorder Phone Follow-up Program. This program assists women
identified by hospital staff and healthcare providers to be at risk, linking them to local and state
resources such as support groups and mental health counseling services. Self-referral is also
possible. A bilingual staff member is available for Spanish-speaking women.

CJFHC phone follow up services are intended to be supportive, and no direct mental health
counseling is provided by the CJFHC staff. Additionally, the program staff strives to expand
community resources for parents at risk and to support hospitals and other health care providers’ efforts in providing information to parents concerning available support and treatment resources.

Due to the pandemic, we offer virtual support groups for new parents. See the home page of this
website for the meeting schedules.

Please contact the Program Coordinator with any questions at 732-937-5437 ext 179.

PPD New Mother Support Group

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PPD Dads Brochure

Why Do I Need Postpartum Care? (English)

Why Do I Need Postpartum Care? (Spanish)