Connecting NJ at Central Jersey Family Health Consortium helps meet the needs of pregnant people, parents, and caregivers with young children from all races and backgrounds to improve their quality of life. Resource Specialists link parents/caregivers to free or low-cost supportive wellness resources assists in identifying individual and family needs and provides linkages to appropriate services in their community such as:

  • Health insurance, medical providers, primary and prenatal care 
  • housing, child care, early childhood programs 
  • educational information on prenatal /parenting, WIC applications and community programs
  • Early Childhood Specialists, Home Visiting Programs & Community Health Workers
  • and so much more!

Referral Forms

A 24 hour warm line has been established to simplify and streamline the referral process at 1-888-551-6217.

Early Childhood Specialist Team

The first five years of a baby’s life is a time of tremendous growth and development. Connecting NJ has Early Childhood Specialists on staff to guide parents during this time and offer tools to support baby’s brain development, build social and emotional skills and encourage language and literacy development.

To better understand your child’s development and connect with an Early Childhood Specialist, complete the below Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ-3) in the comfort and privacy of your own home. This questionnaire gives parents a quick look at how children are doing in important areas such as communication, physical ability, social skills and problem solving skills. It will also help parents identify children’s strengths as well as any areas where a child may need support.

Hunterdon ASQ English–
Hunterdon ASQ Spanish–

Mercer ASQ English-
Mercer ASQ Spanish–

Middlesex ASQ English–
Middlesex ASQ Spanish–

Somerset ASQ English–
Somerset ASQ Spanish–

For more information call 732.937.5437 or email [email protected].