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Evaluation & Analytics

Evaluation & Analytics

Evaluation & Analytics

The Department of Evaluation & Analytics collects and analyzes public health surveillance data from hospitals in the central region in order to monitor maternal and child health outcomes and assess program needs. CJFHC is responsible for designing, implementing and conducing continuous quality improvement activities across the central region member hospitals, and provides data reports to aid facilities in their individual quality improvement activities. We also collaborate with a number of organizations in New Jersey and Florida to conduct comprehensive program evaluation. From group-level professional training, to one-on-one technical assistance, we have assisted local, regional, state, and national-level organizations with a variety of program development, implementation and evaluation strategies.


Maternal and Child Health Surveillance

The department is integral in strategic planning, health assessment, and public health surveillance. CJFHC provides health status assessments related to Maternal and Child Health in Central New Jersey. Through our unique access to the electronic birth certificate and fetal death certificate registration, we monitor the health of women and their babies. Click below to see our latest reports:

Continuous Quality Improvement

The department works directly with our 14 birthing hospital and 2 birthing center partners to identify quality improvement opportunities. We used data-informed decisions to assess clinical quality measures and collaborate with our stakeholders to develop plans for improvement. Our team is directed by an interdisciplinary committee of experts. Click below to see our latest reports:

Data Requests

The department receives data requests from various community organizations annually. We can provide simple to complex requests within an agreed upon timeframe that can meet your planning needs. Click below to see examples of previous requests or submit your data request:

Program Evaluation

CJFHC has expertise to help you with your government, non-profit, or program for process, performance and impact. We provide evaluation consultation on how to best measure outputs and outcomes. We have substantial experience designing and implementing program evaluations for non-profits and government agencies implementing projects and programs aimed at addressing complex issues including child abuse and neglect, mental health, oral health, perinatal risk, maternal mortality, fetal and infant mortality, and access to care. Click below for samples of our work:

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