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Perinatal Addictions Project

Perinatal Addictions Project

The PAP team provide prevention, education and involvement in community projects and events. Our mission is to help individuals improve their health, and the health of their families. Using harm reduction practices, skill building and psychoeducation, we work to reduce risky behaviors such as alcohol and substance use, and to heal from adversity and trauma.

Education includes:

Stress management, coping skills, communication skills, feelings management, impact of substance and alcohol use and trauma during lifespan. Education on smoking and smoking cessation treatment are also available for anyone interested. All services are offered in English and Spanish.

Community events include National Night Out, Health Fairs, baby showers, etc. and can be offered in schools, religious organizations, family success centers, Head Start programs, WIC offices, Family Support Centers, children and adults involved in community organizations, YMCAs, transitional housing, various levels of addiction treatment, jails, businesses, hospitals, clinics and recreational programs.

Resources are also available for local community services for women of all ages, specifically those of childbearing age and/or pregnant and struggling with substance use issues. Staff also have the capability for group or individual support for anyone in need. Our time is flexible to maximize the number of people we may help. Additionally, all of our services are free.


Community Awareness: