Program for Pregnant Women, New Mothers and Families

Healthy Women, Healthy Families (HWHF) is a statewide initiative focusing on improving maternal and infant health outcomes for all women of childbearing age and their families while reducing racial, ethnic and economic disparities. This is accomplished through a collaborative, community driven approach by the Central Intake Specialists, Early Childhood Specialists and Community Health Workers. The CJFHC HWHF team serves Mercer, Middlesex, Somerset and Hunterdon counties.  To connect to your local Central Intake hub outside of these four counties, you can click on the following link 

CJFHC HWHF Flyer English

CJFHC HWHF Flyer Spanish



Family Connections Central Intake 

  • Connects families and caregivers to community resources and referrals 
  • A 24 hour warm line to simplify and streamline the referral process, 1-888-551-6217
  • Assists in identifying individual and family needs and provides linkages to appropriate services such as 
    • health insurance, medical providers, primary and prenatal care 
    • housing, child care, early childhood programs 
    • educational information on prenatal /parenting, WIC applications and community programs 
    • Home Visiting Programs

Early Childhood Specialist: 

  • Supports developmental health guidance
  • Offers Parent-led online ASQ-3 Developmental Screening
  • Connects to resources
  • Collaborates with DCP&P’s Plans of Safe Care meetings

Community Health Workers

  • Act as a “bridge” connecting women, children and their families to local resources 
  • Assists with enrollment into health-related and non-health-related services and programs
  • Shares education about health before, during and after pregnancy
  • Provides individualized case management via communication by phone, text, social media and in person 

HWHF important Links: 

Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ-3): Developmental Screening Tool

The ASQ-3 gives parents a quick look at how children are doing in important areas such as communication, physical ability, social skills and problem solving skills. This tool helps parents identify children’s strengths as well as any areas where a child may need support.

Please click on the link below for your county and take 10-15 minutes to complete this developmental screening tool. An Early Childhood Specialist will connect with you to go over the results and discuss next steps.  For more information, please contact 732-937-5437. 

Hunterdon ASQ English–
Hunterdon ASQ Spanish–

Mercer ASQ English-
Mercer ASQ Spanish–

Middlesex ASQ English–
Middlesex ASQ Spanish–

Somerset ASQ English–
Somerset ASQ Spanish–

HF Referral Form English

HF Referral Form Spanish

HWHF Initial Referral form Fillable