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Empowering High School Seniors: Perinatal Addictions Prevention Project Sheds Light on Marijuana's Effects on Reproduction and Pregnancy

Bridgewater Raritan High School seniors participated in making a word-cloud representing how marijuana is portrayed in pop culture.

On a recent Tuesday, Bridgewater Raritan High School seniors were treated to an informative and eye-opening presentation by the Perinatal Addictions Prevention Project staff. The program delved into the effects of marijuana on the developing brain and its impact on reproduction, fertility, and pregnancy.

The session was not just a lecture; it was an interactive experience aimed at engaging students in critical discussions about the social, emotional, and physical ramifications of drug use, particularly marijuana, among teenagers. The presenters emphasized that even teens are not immune to the impacts of marijuana use, highlighting its potential harm on sexual health, cognitive development, and overall well-being.

One of the key points of the presentation centered around the effects of marijuana on the developing fetus and pre-pregnancy fertility in both males and females. Students were educated about how marijuana can negatively impact fertility and increase the risk of complications during pregnancy.

One particularly memorable aspect of the presentation was the hands-on activity that allowed students to submit words or phrases that came to mind when they thought of marijuana. The resulting word-cloud highlighted the popularity and prevalence of marijuana in pop culture. Another interactive activity was given to the students to try on a pregnancy belly. This experiential exercise provided a tangible glimpse into the physical challenges and changes associated with pregnancy. 

Overall, the goal of the Perinatal Addictions Prevention Project's visit was to educate and equip teenagers with the knowledge they need to make healthy choices regarding substance use and sexual health. By fostering open dialogue and providing engaging educational experiences, the program strives to empower young people to prioritize their well-being and make informed decisions that will positively impact their lives and future generations.

As we continue to navigate the complexities of adolescent health and wellness, initiatives like the Perinatal Addictions Prevention Project play a crucial role in shaping the attitudes and behaviors of our youth. By investing in education and prevention efforts, we can create a brighter and healthier future for all.