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The Change Talks: CJFHC CEO Robyn D'Oria Speaks with Spotlight NJ on Family Connects NJ

John Mooney, Lilo Stainton, Robyn D'Oria and Atiya Weiss

John Mooney, New Jersey Spotlight News' founding editor, sat down with health care reporter Lilo Stainton, Robyn D'Oria, Chief Executive Officer of CJFHC, and Atiya Weiss, Executive Director of the Burke Foundation to discuss The Change Project's inaugural story examining one of New Jersey's strategies to address the state's notorious gaps in maternal health. 

Family Connects NJ, a home visiting program, visits new parents within the first three weeks postpartum to spend time with the family, answer questions, provide reassurance, and do a full checkup of the birthing parent and newborn.


NJ Spotlight News’ The Change Project looks at possible solutions to some of New Jersey’s toughest challenges.