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Introducing Alma: A Beacon of Hope for New and Expecting Parents in New Jersey

Welcoming a new life into the world should be a time of joy and excitement, yet for many new and expecting parents, it can also be a period filled with anxiety, stress, and even depression. The Alma program emerges as a beacon of hope, offering evidence-based peer-to-peer mentoring tailored specifically for individuals navigating the challenges of parenthood in New Jersey. The program is currently available to South Jersey families through the Southern New Jersey Perinatal Cooperative. Visit for referral information. 

What is Alma?

Alma fosters a sense of solidarity and understanding among new and expectant mothers. Pregnant and postpartum individuals grappling with feelings of depression, anxiety, and stress are paired with trained peer mentors who have walked similar paths. Through weekly meetings spanning six to eight weeks, these mentorship relationships blossom, providing a safe space for shared experiences, mutual support, and skill-building. 

Developed through a collaborative effort between researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder, mental health providers, community members, and parents themselves, Alma stands as the first of its kind, and the Garden State is the first out-of-state expansion of the program. Rooted in behavioral activation, a well-established psychotherapy approach, the program draws upon over two decades of research to provide effective support for those experiencing perinatal mental health challenges.

Administered by Family Health Initiatives in partnership with community organizations and funded by the New Jersey Department of Health, Alma is a testament to the power of collective effort in addressing pressing societal needs. Its mission is to equip new and expecting parents with the tools and support they need to navigate the complexities of parenthood with confidence and resilience.

Where is Alma available? How do I or my patient sign up?

While currently available in South Jersey, the reach of Alma is set to expand, with plans to launch in Central and North Jersey later this year. 

Alma is a referral-based program. Providers can refer patients, or patients can refer themselves. Alma is currently available to South Jersey residents - to see if it is available for your or your patient's area, and to make a referral for yourself or a patient, visit

As we celebrate the arrival of new life, let us also celebrate the arrival of Alma—a beacon of hope illuminating the path towards healthier, happier parenthood experiences for all. To learn more about the Alma program in South Jersey, and take the first step towards a brighter tomorrow, visit

When will it be available to Central New Jersey?

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