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NJ Spotlight News Shining Light on Stillbirth: New Jersey’s Bold Awareness Campaign

In a world often hushed when it comes to discussing the grief and loss of stillbirth, New Jersey is breaking the silence. New Jersey Spotlight Healthcare Reporter Lilo H. Stainton captured the true essence of New Jersey’s Stillbirth Awareness and Prevention Campaign, Stillbirth: Can Happen to Any Pregnancy.

The stillbirth awareness campaign, launched last year, helps educate families, maternal health professionals, and others about key issues surrounding stillbirth, including the signs of stillbirth, possible causes, and resources on how to navigate the grief of experiencing a stillbirth. Along with the hope of reducing stillbirth through education, the campaign aims to reduce the stigma around stillbirth.

Recent data shows 6.2 deaths per 1,000 live births in New Jersey, compared to 5.9 nation-wide. Approximately 636 babies died late in pregnancy or during childbirth in 2021.

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