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CJFHC Celebrates Our Home-Visiting Nurses

At the heart of our community lies a group of extraordinary individuals who go above and beyond to ensure the health and well-being of Central NJ families. These unsung heroes are our home-visiting nurses, and this Nurses Week, we had the immense pleasure of celebrating their incredible contributions with a special luncheon in their honor. 

The luncheon was more than just a meal; it was a celebration of the compassion, dedication, and expertise these nurses bring to their roles every single day.  

The Heart of Home Care 

Our home-visiting nurses play a crucial role in our healthcare system. Part of Family Connects NJ, they provide personalized care to postpartum families in Central New Jersey in the comfort of their own home. Their work often extends beyond traditional nursing duties, encompassing education, emotional support, and advocacy for their patients' needs. The nurses spend upwards of an hour or more with their families on up to three post-partum visits within the first two postpartum months. Family Connects NJ helps to fill the gaps in the maternal healthcare system by removing the barrier of transportation for postpartum families, and their visits also allow them to connect families with crucial resources. Visit the Family Connects website to learn more. 

The Power of Appreciation 

As we gathered to honor these remarkable nurses, it was clear that their dedication does not go unnoticed. Words of gratitude were shared, highlighting personal stories of how these nurses have touched lives. The luncheon served as a reminder of the power of collective impact and the importance of recognizing those who work tirelessly behind the scenes. 

Looking Ahead 

As we move forward, we remain committed to supporting our home-visiting nurses in every way possible. Their work is integral to the health of our community, and we are endlessly grateful for their contributions. This Nurses Week, and every week, we celebrate their unwavering dedication and the positive changes they bring to the world. 

To all our home-visiting nurses: thank you for your compassion, your expertise, and your relentless pursuit of better health for all. You are the true heroes of healthcare, and we are honored to celebrate you today and always.