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Nonprofit & State Partners

Nonprofit & State Partners looking for Community Programs

Nonprofit & State Partners looking for Community Programs

At Central Jersey Family Health Consortium, we know you want to be confident in making the very best decisions in the interest of women and families in NJ. But you need strong partners working to improve health outcomes and collect data across NJ.

The problem is you don’t know where to turn for assistance with health issues specifically related to things like pregnancy, child health and developmental milestones, which makes you feel frustrated, concerned about accessing quality information and data. At CJFHC, we believe there should be a reliable place to access information and data to provide services or aid in decision making.

We understand NJ and how important quality data is to solid decision making, program creation and implementation. This is why we are a trusted and reliable expert in maternal and child health and data collection and analytics for Central New Jersey.

Here’s how we can help you:

●       Get to know CJFHC as a partner for both education and data related to maternal and child health issues.

●       Use CJFHC as a trusted resource for gathering and analyzing current data and information related to these core issues and programmatic decisions.

●       Feel confident knowing you have the best information and data related to maternal and child health needs.

Reach out to CJFHC today and trust us to provide you quality information, answer your questions and help guide you toward the best decisions! So you can feel confident in making programmatic and policy decisions to benefit those in Central New Jersey and across the state.